cuti NOT =X

normally, we tend to play truant just to escape all those nonsense classes* .but now, i hope i could go back to that scary building and chit-chat with the lame ones! omyy, you cant imagine what am i up to now =[ zzzZ. i wanna sleeep, i waanna watch movie, i wanna go for a k. i wanna HANG OUT with you! grrr. you were always busy”.. right.. sigh* my mom! mommy!!momma!! let me out of here can? why he! can hang out, why not me?!! oh lordddd :)))) hehe. H E L P M E O U T ! ok.i give up. these days, i receive lotssa msg from all rendom peeps:) i just cant imagine you sent me the mag y’know.? i really did Not forget any of you kay? its just that, she’s stubborn or whatever :D im always with you guys yeah.. forever and ever C: STEP UP 3D !! i mau watch laaaa. you again. ask you out for dunno how many thousand times! bz bz BZZZZZ!! ur head! ish. ciaozz

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