..my b'DaY ! :)

i celebrated my bday yesterday...
ive invited lotss of them Bt,many of them cnt make it..
neways..v have lotss of fun!!here r they..
natalie<><><>< >e "accidently" zien<>>wanshin(i did invite her,bt she jz came for awhile.)
chunghong< ar first,v were playing relli relli fun n happy... like,playing water,guessing,searching... later on,we play passing cards..(serious FUN) after tat..i lost my voice..screaming,shouting on them:"bu yao cao.!!! ge bi you baby..!!!" then evryone follows me shouting.haha>
neways,they broke my mom's umbrella..n she scolded me today

since morning, she start to scolad like hell!!!!
"kaidi...clean here" 2 minutes later :"kaidi...wash d dishes"
oh my.....
altough v were having fun d whole night,bt sumthin relli bad happen...

my family dont trust me ANYMORE..!!=(

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