s1mP1Y o9o9o9

[simply o9o9o9]

i wanted to make today a very special day..bt,i think its not successful.
firstly=my craziest friend didnt come
secondly=my another best friend not talking to me..=(

to make the long story short,my day today is quite fun,yet,tiring..
im so sick of my teachers.keep pointing us here n thr..doing works non-stop..running like a maniac in da sch.
i serioualy wanna make today memorable..!!!!sally!! whr r u.........missin><=p
im goin to KILL u!!

=someone told me tht im bt blogging for long period,so..simply write a few to mwke her happ=)
since everone isnt blogging so often,so..c ya!!

>im in da mood of studying ,working hard for my pmr..hope u too=)<

oh ya!!b4 i go..hope u'll have a great time with ur other one@.@
have a great ,blessed day.god bleSS.

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=i changeD my miNd again..as usual=

did i tell u tht i wanna change a phone??if yes,did i told u tht i want a LG phone??

mINd ! ! !
to me,i think its a good thing.firstly,i will surely regret if i had bought tht.
n secondly,i have more n better choice in front of me here...
today,mommy brought mr to Pearl point to c tht lg ph.
i dunno y,i gt a bad feeling when i first saw it=(
n when i try i,i fely tht d keypad is kinda loose..
n i have no idea y izit looks so diff in d piCTure than it really is=)(
finally i ask n ask n ask again..
thy recommend me W705 n G705
i found tht its uglt at first..but when i heard tht its walkman,3.2mp,n WI-Fi
my heart puMp so quickly n felt so happy as if i wiLL have tht soon..
but,unfortunately,d price is higher than wht n my mom expected..
morover,mom doesnt believe tht this wi-fi ph can surf d net in starbucks for FREE.
i cnt blame her of tht thinking coz one of her friend gt tricked  b4.=(
seriously,i was really happy to surf d bnett in starbucks for FREE OKAY??jz imagine tht man.
i wont consider tht lg phone n old model of SE anymore.W91oi
these r d pics..

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