[LG ks360]
these few days..i control myself by not blogging.thr r many reasons.

-im stress 
-im lazy
-i m so speechless tht i have nothin' to say/share bout'
-i have no idea how to start off
-i have no PICTURE of all those event i have bEEn!!!!
sick of all these reasons man!!!
however,i'll share briefly bout wht have happen b4.n i'll post n share in details till i gt  those picture later.
>saturday-gt 1 whole day duty n skipped sch tuition.
>sunday-we're so lucky tht we gt a chance to 30 hours Famine concert.happy!!i must share this to everyone later>>>>>>>>>>>>>sOOn!!!xOxD
>monday-bored.nothing to do,stay at home like..d whole day kay??!!sick
>tuesday-stress day,woke up early in d morning n wait d time to past.i hate tuition!!i wanna sleep ,but cnt.d curtain was too light n i cnt sleep coz it was too bright.Gosh=(but,luckily,cikgu finally cancel d class i was so damn happy okay??!
>wednesday-went out with mom.my target is to nuy a phone.i was so shocked tht she brought me to buy.bt,i dont expect a new phone on tht day,coz,i've nt prepared n nt sure wht to buy though...=.=
oh ya!!i was confused n really dunno whc model should i pick.i gt few options
=[s.e. W910i]=[LG ks360]=
i love d shape n design of both.i like d LG one's but d 910 was too old..thy suggest w959 but,i dislike d design..
>thurs-nervous n scared,tmr gt bm tuition on sch.i've not done my hw yet.gosh!!!i do n do n do...
non-stop.finally mom wanted to watch a movie i ask her to watch.i rejected her.coz i have tonnes of works to do.neways,i finally went out with my bro n mommy.><
>friday-went to sch today.miss friends.came home around 1030.n sleep gain.
its so unbelievable tht i can sleep till 3pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but,i wanted to wake up at 1 to do d rest of my holiday hw actually.but,im jz tooooo tired.=.=
<>[saturday]i expect tmr to be a fun day,coz..i think im goin to be alone at home tmr.haha><
neways,my bro gt short-listed in THE ONE ACADEMY drawing competition.he's goin to gt d result tmr with my mom n aunt.he dosnt want me to go..=( FINe!!!u better watch out man!!
=c ya=

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=life is complicated=

i was so confuse today.today would be a complicaated day!!

Every day early in d morning n at night,
i'll surely pray for a good day n will go on smoothly..
+having a good relationship with my friends n seriously,i'll miss them everytime i saw them.
i appreciate them vry much.
once n once again
they will hurt me.
i mean SHE
its she!!n she again.
im not sure whether u knw who i mean..bt,im quite sure kath n sall' knew it.

it has jz happen today..a vry good bright shiny morning in da sch.
my mood was perfectly good n happy with it..
everything go on as usual this morning..
around 10:10am
after recess..my mood starts to chg,n +i realli dun like her d.
she was so rude+xiao qi+nt understanding+XXXX
haizz..i really dunno what to describe.

i finally stay back today.
again,i hate to c her bitter face.
what to do kaidi=(
have to b patient
haiya.in conclusion.i really had a bad day today that i cnt describe it!!

natalie!!watch out!!

ohya,btw,check out on my plurk!!


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went to school early in the morning today..
once i reached school..i saw bunch of white tss in a line.
furthermore,what can it be if its nt st.john??[again]

then,i saw sally,kahjun,wanxin outside,
i thought thy wanna give surprise to someone.
im so damn hungry as i had not eat any breakfast this morning..
wanted to buy bread>>>NO MONEY
thanks to SALLY...she gave me her <
bread with hotdog in it n a slimmy cheezy cheese...
its so
so nice of u baby!!@.@

n then i went up after cheering serena+huiting up.

what a bored day>jz 5 gals came exclude those who r joining pbsm comp.
so sien n hot in angsana.
luckily,sheryl came to find me to become a photographer for their team.
i was so happy!!!
neways,it isnt a good thing aso...coz have to wait like dunno how many years for only d uniform checking,unlike st.john.

i took lottss of pictures for them.
i thought they really perform well in their formation..if possible i'll gt d video from huijun later.
oh ya,1 team have 10 ppl.HUGE ONE.
oops,i cnt rmb the rest..

after all that,shirine sms me that our division=perimbun gt CHAMPION OF ALL
of  coz,i was so shocked n happy.
this would probably d 1st time i heard of perimbun getting d 1st in anything.lol.
we r so proud of u all


n finally>>>>>CONGRATULATIONS!!!
i knew u all put in lots of sffort n this is what u SHOULD GET!!
jia you everyone in ur exams,me too have to buck up again.=)
face it positively k?

jia you

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sunway+ice skating trip

we went to sunway for ice skating recently...

=exclude wling
i hope n i know everyone is really having fun together..
we play n play n play non-stop...
i am so surprise that i can really skate well..
neways,i had really bad n serious skratched at my ankle
it really hurts okay!

fun n happy time really short=(
however,after this..no one knows what d reason of sally no talking to shirine anymore..
we were all so curious n poor shirine ,so LOST..n being rejected without knowing d reason=(

sally-c'mon,jz forgive her or jz tell us d reason lar..


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my bfffffffffffffff  ! ! !

.hope u all will be happy after seeing...

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y is everything changing??
izit positive or negative change??
seriously,i do NOT know!!
gosh...halp me..!!

=to someone whom i fall in love to=

=cmon!!cn talk to me more often??=
=can u treat me like her??=
=cn u not act cool??=
=cn u treat me as ur bf??=



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